Born in Holland of Dutch/Italian parents, I migrated to Australia with my family settling in Adelaide, South Australia.
After my secondary education I spent 4 years in the BIG WORLD in various career (draftsman's assistant at the LTO,  Psychiatric Nursing at Glenside) whist i studied part time fashion /art / craft classes at night schools, after which  I landed a job designing lingerie with prominent Adelaide firm, Taylors.
A year later I was out of there (I had left home by this time) and proceeded  to study a Diploma of Fine Arts at the South Australian school of Arts, full time. My creativity, politics and spiritual awareness surged… Vietnam! … Buddhism…Bob Dylan! &Flower Power.
I taught a variety of art classes over these years and many following..
I began exhibiting (painting media) immediately after my art school days were completed.
In 1973 I became pregnant with Morgana and life changed. Single mother ……… Baby pictures! Party pictures! Outings! Friends! The mad 70's in tow and fell in love with photography. I stopped painting, set up a darkroom in the bathroom and played while baby slept…..Two and a half years later I was offered a job as a stills photographer on a documentary with the South Australian Film Corp. I had been encouraged by a good friend, already in the industry to apply. I had never thought of  photography as a job!or for that matter as AR form for myself.


This was the beginning of a career / profession and a new form of artistic expression for me.


In 1981 my daughter and I went to Europe, where I worked and travelled with the Dutch Theatre Company, 'Kiss'(or 'Silk as they were later called.) My travels through Europe picking up a few freelancce gigs here & there broadened my perspective on life and creativity.


I returned to Adelaide a year and a half later and resumed my earlier path of P/T Teaching, freelance photography & exhibiting.


In 1986 restless and searching for stimulation we moved to Sydney, leaving behind a then successful professional and artistic career, great friends and a life so far, well lived.


Sydney was initially difficult, but stimulating. Packing cakes on the night shift and in the daytime circulating that CV! It was challenging. It was needed. It worked. I have a successful profession as a freelance photographer and exhibiting Fine Artist.


Morgana finished school & moved into the music industry… became Lead singer of Nitocris ( a ten year stint), Then 'Morgana & The Monstars' ,The Lady Bites' and more recently ' Boxing With Ghosts!" & "Tiny Tim & The Broken Hearts'" .  She studied Web Design & now works as a digital designer "The Digital dresser" for a company here in Syd.


I worked in many Industries for PR and documentation e.g. music, film, festivals, corporate functions, theatre, portraiture


Until recently, I have alsos been actively involved & employed in an inner city women's refuge as a relief support worker on a p/t basis


I still design and sew cloth for personal use  & F&F.


I exhibit regularly


i am currentl y working on my archives and creating books for release later this year, 2018

"My photography is similar to and reflects the techniques and working styles of the early European Dadaists Impressionists & Baroque artists, by whom i am surely influenced. Drawing my inspiration from mythology and nature, my creativity stems from my lust for finding and exploring sympathies between the human body, the landscape and its textures. Using the techniques of collage & overlay,  colors and images collide, creating  new visual and emotional images, often painterly and somewhat surreal. 


I don’t care for the certainty of what’s in front of my lens, but the creativity, the fantasy and the invention, that can gush from a thought thereafter or one that was there before..sometimes described as synthetic realism."




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